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Testimonials: Construction

Experiences with Continental Bus and Coach Tires.

DFA Transport und Logistik GmbH, Germany

Werner Speer, Head of Acquisition Department
“...very good handling combines with excellent traction."

"Continental Tires are developed exactly for our mixed-application needs. The new HSC1 convinced us with good handling combined with excellent traction."

"Our company’s focus is reclaiming land back off of the former uranium mine deposits in Eastern Germany. Here you will find extremely varying conditions: from sharp-edged stone tracks with heavy clay, up to muddy tracks covered with mining and construction waste. For this reason our fleet requires strong tires that can master this demanding and harsh environment."

Kanars S.L., Spain

Francisco Arques Salaet, Driver
“...precise handling and an excellent on-road performance.”

"With 40 years of experience I know what makes a good construction tire. The new Continental HSC1 with precise handling and an excellent on-road performance, is such a tire.

My present job is to transport grit to other building sites, so I am on the move with my vehicle not only off- but also a lot on-road. That is why I need construction tires which are also reliable on the motorway. The new HSC1 tire provides me with the necessary safety and a good overall driving experience that I can truly rely on."

Toscana Scavi S.r.l, Italy

Giuseppe Mattina, Driver
“...very good traction and high durability."

"Climbing the narrow, stony roads, I really have to rely on my tires. With very good traction and high durability, the new Continental construction tires turned out to be an excellent choice for my needs.

We climb those narrow roads several times a day arriving at the top and loading big marble blocks. Then we have to come back. There is no possibility to do a u-turn so we have to go back engaging the reverse gear. Under these conditions it is essential to have tires like HSC1 and HDC1 which offer very good handling and superb robustness against damage."