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Conti Hybrid HD3 22.5

Hybrid HD3



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Versatility, mile after mile after mile:


  • Outstanding mileage performance
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Wet performance over lifetime

Greatly improved tire life coupled with outstanding fuel efficiency ensures maximum economic efficiency for fleet operators, mile after mile after mile.

Spider Conti Hybrid HD3 22.5
Hybrid HD3

Technical details

Block design with 3 sipes

  • The new block design decreases wear by reducing the ground contact area for significantly increased mileage performance
  • 3D sipes strengthen the stability of the block geometry despite an increased number of grooves
  • Thanks to a higher number of gripping edges, the drive axle traction is improved



  • The newly balanced polymer rubber tread compound is specially designed to increase mileage and ensure off-road performance
  • Rolling resistance optimized sidewall compound: the optimized rubber compound in the sidewall helps improve the fuel efficiency

Hybrid HD3

EU Tire Label

Conti Hybrid HT 3 22.5 - EU Tire Label

EU Tire Label values vary by the tire size. The label values for further tire sizes are shown in the product range below or click on „EU Tire Label Generator“ to find directly the EU Tire Label values for your size.

For more information about the EU Tire Label please click here.


EU Tire Label Generator

Product range

Conti Hybrid HD3
Tire size LI / SI M+S 3PMSF
245/70 R 19.5 136/134M M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
265/70 R 19.5 140/138M M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
285/70 R 19.5 146/144M M+S 3PMSF C C 74dB/2
305/70 R 19.5 148/145M M+S 3PMSF C C 76dB/2
275/70 R 22.5 148/145M M+S 3PMSF D B 73dB/1
295/55 R 22.5 147/145K M+S 3PMSF C B 73dB/1
295/60 R 22.5 150/147L M+S 3PMSF C B 73dB/1
295/80 R 22.5 152/148M M+S 3PMSF D B 73dB/1
315/60 R 22.5 152/148L M+S 3PMSF C B 73dB/1
315/70 R 22.5 154/150L (152/148M) M+S 3PMSF C B 73dB/1
315/80 R 22.5 156/150L (154/150M) M+S 3PMSF D B 73dB/1


Easier and faster regrooving thanks to new regrooving indicators

Read more about ContiLifeCycle™

SizeDepth (mm)Width (mm)
295/60 R 22.53.0A: 7 B: 6
315/60 R 22.53.0A: 7 B: 6
275/70 R 22.53.0A: 7 B: 6
315/70 R 22.53.0A: 7 B: 6
295/80 R 22.53.0A: 7 B: 6
315/80 R 22.53.0A: 7 B: 6

  • Premium retreadability due to durable casing with AirKeep inner liner, new and improved belt cord construction and new belt skim compound
  • “1+5” cord for improved technical retreadability