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Conti Hybrid HT3 19.5




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Versatility, mile after mile after mile:


  • High mileage performance
  • Excellent rolling resistance

Conti Hybrid HT3’s new rolling resistance compound provides more flexibility, reducing friction and lowering the rolling resistance.


Technical details

  • Selective polymers chosen for the new rolling resistance compound provide more flexibility between the polymer chains. This results in reduced friction leading to lower rolling resistance.

  • Hybrid compound: The advanced application-optimized tread compound adds up to significant improvements in rolling resistance and mileage

  • Plus Volume Pattern:
  • Reduced fuel consumption and increased mileage potential
  • Narrowed groove widths result in increased pattern volume, improving wear resistance to guarantee high mileage performance


EU Tire Label


EU Tire Label values vary by the tire size. The label values for further tire sizes are shown in the product range below or click on „EU Tire Label Generator“ to find directly the EU Tire Label values for your size.

For more information about the EU Tire Label please click here.

EU Tire Label Generator

Product range

Conti Hybrid HT3
Tire size LI / SI M+S Label Landing Page
245/70 R 19.5 141/140K M+S C B 73dB/B - Show Label
265/70 R 19.5 143/141K M+S C B 73dB/B - Show Label
285/70 R 19.5 150/148K M+S C B 73dB/B - Show Label
385/55 R 19.5 156/000J M+S B C 70dB/A - Show Label
435/50 R 19.5 160/000J M+S B C 72dB/B - Show Label
445/45 R 19.5 160/000J M+S B C 72dB/B - Show Label
385/55 R 22.5 160/000K (158/000L) M+S B B 70dB/A - Show Label
385/65 R 22.5 160/000K (158/000L) M+S B B 70dB/A - Show Label
385/65 R 22.5 160/000K (158/000L) M+S C B 72dB/B 3PMSF Show Label
385/65 R 22.5 164/000K M+S B B 70dB/A - Show Label


Easier and faster regrooving thanks to new regrooving indicators

Read more about ContiLifeCycle™

Depth (mm) Width (mm)
245/70 R 19.5      3.0A: 9 B: 7
265/70 R 19.53.0A: 9 B: 7

285/70 R 19.5

3.0A: 9 B: 7

  • Premium retreadability due to durable casing with AirKeep inner liner, new and improved belt cord construction and new belt skim compound.